(Generally Relaxing) Video Game Suggestions

I know I don’t normally talk about video games on this blog, but since when have my posts ever kept to a single subject or theme. Personally, I like relaxing video games and one such example is ‘Stardew Valley’. It’s a farming simulator that’s based off of the Harvest Moon series. The basics of the plot are that you’ve grown tired of your life in the city and have inherited your grandfather’s farm, so you decide to move out to the country and try to make a more fulfilling life for yourself. The beautiful aesthetic and the fleshed out non-player characters tends to make this game worth while for most people.  There’s plenty to do in the game including traveling down into some mines and fighting monsters if you really need some excitement. Also, everything in it from the art to the music was made by just one person over the course of four years before it was sold to the public, and it’s still being updated with new features and bug fixes.https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/835829308654490612/E047EEAF53927762A706A4D006A00F492AEF10B7/(This is what your farm might look like on the first morning)

Another such game that I can think of is ‘Slime Rancher’. The title itself describes a good bit of the overall game. It isn’t particularly plot centric, but it’s still there and you don’t have to go through a bunch of quests or anything to progress. The only thing you’re really obligated to do is complete the tutorial in the very beginning of the game and a smaller tutorial later and then you’re free to do whatever you want. Do you want to make as much money as you possibly can? Go ahead. Want to explore and get a lay of the land? There’s at least four areas apart from your ranch where you can run around and get a good look at what’s there. You can also eventually make a bunch of cool gadgets that include, but are not limited to, teleporters, slime lava lamps, and silly outfits that you can put on slimes.

https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/835829308654503595/FA1CCC2234532876B805642E069EE46F1D9B3B45/(Did I mention that the slimes in this game are also pretty cute?)

Screenshots where taken by the author.

Graduation (Parties)

Initially, I thought that all the graduation preparation ended when you actually graduate. I was wrong. Apparently most people also throw a party when they graduate. It’s at least one more chance to see the people that you went to school with and to thank anybody who may have helped you in the past four years. Even though I didn’t graduate this year These parties have still had a significant presence in my summer. Admittedly, I don’t really go to all that many celebrations of any sort, so it’s interesting to see so many people gathered around to see someone off. I hope that this year’s graduates become successful in their lives.


Now the school year is over this blog is no longer something that I have to do as a grade. I suspect that most of the people in my class will just abandon their blogs to the dark pits of the internet, assuming they don’t just delete them. I’m a bit more willing to keep going though, because things are so much better when you aren’t actually forced to do something for a score. So now that I’m not just making a post whenever someone tells me to I’m going to try and update this blog every Sunday. That said, I’d like to thank anyone who reads my blog for any reason aside from being obligated to. I’ll type at you all next Sunday and I hope I don’t bore you into another plane of existence!

Roses (Part 2)

You may recall that I made a post some months ago about roses. I don’t entirely remember the details about that post, but I’m pretty sure it was something about rose care. Above is a photo of the results that I got from my photosynthetic endeavor and I figured it would be a nice thing to show everyone.  I hope that there’ll be more little blooms in the future, but for now just this one is plenty.

Class Outside

It’s always really nice when the teachers at our school decide to have class outside. Our scool is super cold because somebody likes to blast the AC all day and it’s usually warmer in the outdoors, and it’s so bad that people can come in wearing sweatshirts and still be cold. It’s not very hard to find a comfy spot to sit either because there’s a gazebo right in front of the school. Overall, it’s generally a beter experience than sitting in a stuffy classroom all day.


I’ve always been fond of spring, though I do feel bad for the people who have springtime allergies. Beyond the fact that it’s a good indicator that the school year is almost over, there are plenty of things about it that are great. Like the warmer weather for example. We aren’t walking home through ice and snow and now people don’t have to drive in those conditions either. As much as it sucks to be certain that we won’t have any more snow days for the rest of the year, our personal safety is a bit more important than a chance for a day off.